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Renton, WA – Liberty Rugby Club, a non-profit youth rugby club based in Renton, WA, proudly announced this week they will host an international rugby match against Trident High School of New Zealand at 6:00 p.m. on December 3, 2016 at Liberty High School.

As an active international rugby team that has competed against rugby clubs from all over the world, Liberty Rugby Club is hosting Trident High School from New Zealand, a top international rugby team, for all local community members and rugby players to observe and appreciate.

“We have hosted several international teams, most recently a team from England this past summer,” said Scott Wright, Director of Communications at Liberty Rugby Club. “We’ve traveled overseas for many matches, and want to provide that kind of international rugby exposure to our club members and community families.”

Rugby, a sport with a longstanding tradition of club-to-club socializing, is currently the fastest growing youth sport in America. Liberty Rugby Club, founded in 1986, has been a major part of branching the international divide when it comes to bringing rugby culture to American youth and Washington communities.

Trident High School will be competing against several top rugby clubs throughout their 3-week tour of the United States. They are stopping in Washington to play Liberty Rugby Club due to Liberty’s reputation as a top international competitor and long history of friendship between the two clubs. Liberty has made several stops at Trident HS in New Zealand on their international tours, and the two clubs have a long history of competition and player exchanges.

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Trident’s 25-players will stay with Liberty families during their time in Washington in order to effectively immerse themselves in the sights and scenery of the Pacific Northwest.

The December 3rd match will be held under the lights at the Liberty High School football stadium, and is free for all to attend.