10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Play Rugby

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It’s time to start your own rugby adventure.

1. The Passion

2. Everyone is Useful Somewhere
You don’t have to be a 6-foot beast to play – there is a position for everyone. It’s your speed, skill, strength and attitude that will determine where you’ll play on the pitch.

3. Respect
You’ll make friends with your opponents. Both teams take the field with a will to win but there is an ingrained respect for your opponents. You’ll probably find yourself sharing a beer or cider, or two, after the match.

4. Rugby is for Women, too

5. Rugby is a Brotherhood/Sisterhood

6. The training
The training is a test of physical fitness, strength, coordination and stamina – it’ll be the best workout of your life. Better than any gym workout. Trust us.

7. It’s a great way to Release Frustration

8. Enjoyment
Most importantly, you’ll have fun.

9. Party’s
No one on earth parties like a rugby team.

10. Hottness
You’ll be more attractive to the opposite sex. Mmm thighs, bums, arms, backs.. Oh and more thighs.

Source:  ruck.co.uk