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Winter time Saturday mornings in Sydney have always meant one thing for this family- rugby.

Our very dedicated Mr8, aka Rusty Rocket, has a match on Saturday and if the team wins, they’re through to the Grand Finals. He’s an absolutely passionate rugby league player and he’s excited, yet devastated to have the end of season looming.


Now I wouldn’t go and play a game of rugby league myself, not even for a million dollars. But all of my boys have absolutely loved playing, especially on a very muddy pitch when it’s raining.

I am deeply grateful to the mums and dads who run our local rugby club. They might never know how much our family has benefited from the wonderful community they create. But I do know, and I’m very grateful indeed.


Here are lots of photos from a sunny Saturday morning recently, and some (un-asked for) advice for mothers of wee boys, mums who might be a bit wary of their sons starting to play such a rough and tumble game.

Mums, they’ll love it… and doing what we love is the very stuff of life!

Here are my reasons why you won’t regret putting your son out there on the paddock.


1. Your son needs to move

For his body, for his growth, for his muscles, for his brain, for his future health and well-being.  For the thrill, for the buzz, for the way it makes his body feel. He needs to move. We mums and dads do too and for all the same reasons.


2. You son needs good male role models in his life

He does, and the more the merrier. Especially for immigrants like my family, the role models sports clubs provide are an absolute godsend. This is the biggest reason I need to thank our local club. My son’s dad is away a lot of the time and they love and need those strong, firm but fair blokes they see twice a week.

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3. Your son needs to lose

Because it is character building, because it’s good practice for life, because he will get over it and he needs to know that.


4. Your son needs to win

Because it’s bonding, because it feels good, because he needs to know that there are rewards for effort.


5. Your son needs to be part of a team

Because they need to know people are there to help, because they need to know their mistakes can be forgiven, because they need to know how to forgive others and how to share in their successes too.


6. Your son needs your rapt attention

It fills your boy’s soul up to see mum and dad staring hard,  following each thundering, speedy footstep. It makes your boy know you love him more than you love your phone!

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7. Your son needs community, and so do you

And these suburban sporting clubs are the very essence of our communities. So much work and love poured into them, and really all for the sake of the kids. It’s a very pure goodwill that we see and feel, week in and week out.

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Hooray for the coffee van!

To the men and women who run our local rugby league club, I salute you.  And I thank you for being part of my sons’ lives and for giving them so many experiences that will stand them in good stead, for their childhood and adolescence.

And for a lifetime.


Here’s our wee man, here’s primed and ready for the final match of the season this weekend.
Here’s our wee man, here’s primed and ready for the final match of the season this weekend.


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