The Simple Workout Plan To Help Rugby Players Get Stronger

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If you’re looking to get stronger for game day, this simple workout plan could be exactly what you need as a rugby player…

The first time you do StrongLifts 5×5 you start with workout A. Two days later you do workout B. So first week is A/B/A, second week B/A/B, third week A/B/A, and so on. Like this…

Here’s how StrongLifts 5×5 will work each muscle in your body using only three compound exercises per workout, three times a week, for about 45 minutes per workout…

Abs. Your abs have to work hard at keeping you from collapsing under the bar when you do heavy Squats, Deadlifts and Overhead Press. Stronger abs are the secret to six pack abs. Note that you do have to eat right as well. Otherwise your abs will be hidden behind a layer of fat.

Shoulders. Both the Overhead Press and Bench Press will work your shoulders hard to lift the weights up. Nothing worked for me to build wider shoulders until I started to Overhead Press. Chest. Getting your Bench Press to 100kg/225lb will have the biggest impact on getting a bigger chest. You don’t need to do incline, decline or all that B.S. Just go flat and go heavy.

Arms. One, your biceps works hard when doing heavy Barbell Rows. Two, your triceps works hard when pressing heavy (bench, overhead). Three, you’re holding the bar on each exercise, squeezing it hard during heavy weights. So your arms will get tons of direct and indirect work to get bigger.

Forearms. Again, your arms grip the bar hard on every exercise. That and heavy Deadlifts will make your forearms grow bigger. Forget about high rep wrist curls in every direction.

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Traps. Shrugs suck. If you want ski-slope traps, just Deadlift heavy. Take before/after pics for proof. Your traps will be huge once you can pull 4 plates (180kg/400lb) off the floor.

Thighs. Get your Squat to 3 plates (140kg/300lb) and you’ll have to buy new pair of jeans. You might even tear a pair of shorts in the gym… (note: I can’t be held responsible for this).

Back. Forget about wide lat pulldowns and all that. Heavy Deadlifts and Barbell Rows will hit your upper-back hard. You’ll build size, strength and that v-shape everybody wants but few achieve.

Calves. Squats and Deadlifts will work your calves. But don’t expect miracles if you have high calf attachments as I have. There isn’t much muscle to work with in this case, mostly tendon.