February 2017


Letter from Co-President Coach “Tree”

I have a question to pose to all of our parents, players, and extended Liberty Rugby Family.  

This is my first year as Co-Pres, and really my first season being fully involved with the board.  Having a few years of coaching under my belt, and seeing the inner workings of the club, it seems very apparent that getting information out to our parents and players is one of our toughest hurdles.  We end up with dates and events throughout our season that are floating, and we need to be able to keep you all informed.  I have heard far too often that occasional lack of participation is often a function of players and parents simply not knowing all the necessary details.

Currently, group emails and Facebook posts are sent out weekly with all the practice, game, and event information consistently.  These messages are formatted to address all levels of our club, 1st grade through Varsity.  One bit of feedback I have heard is scrolling past the first few lines of information is too much, so the all of the message doesn’t even get read.  If that is the case, crucial information often gets overlooked.

The calendar on the website is also consistently updated with practice, game, and event information.  If you haven’t checked this out, I strongly encourage you all to spend some time getting familiar.  Go to Libertyrugby.org.  I would very much appreciate any feedback on the layout, and navigation of the site.  We want this to work for everyone.

The question is, what is the best method to provide information to players and parents?  

I would sincerely appreciate you taking a moment and sending me your thoughts.  How is it working for you now?  What could be improved?  I want this to work for all, and I think with some feedback, we can come up with the best solution.

Kirk Delaurenti

I look forward to hearing from you.


Coach “Tree” 


Poker Tournament Tickets are Available To Sell!


The Liberty Rugby Annual Poker Tournament is scheduled for March 11th at the Renton Eagles Club.  This is always such a great event for our club, and certainly something we look forward to every season.  This year’s event is shaping up to be one of our best yet!

Tickets are available now to invite your friends, family, co-workers, gambling buddies, etc…  Space is limited to 120 participants to play poker, so get your tickets now.  

$60 Entry Fee
Includes spaghetti bar dinner
Cash Bar

1st Place wins $500
2nd Place wins $175
3rd Place wins $125
4th and 5th Place win $50

Dinner only tickets available at the door for $20

If you have people you would like to invite, tickets are available to sell.  Contact Kirk at 206-795-0145, or kirk@kirkdelaurentiphotography.com.

March 11th.  Door open @ 4pm
Renton Eagles Club
220 Wells Ave. S
Renton, WA 98057


A Word From the Coaches...

Our season is well under way, and off to a great start.  While the weather hasn’t always cooperated, our numbers out for training sessions has increased, new players are learning and clearly falling in love with the game, and our squads at all levels are really coming together to be the forces Liberty Rugby is known for.

We do need to have all players showing up to practice on time, and fully prepared to train.  

Appropriate attire includes rugby shorts and mouthguards.  We cannot hold fully effective training sessions without these crucial elements, and far too many players are showing up without.

A quick reminder, Liberty Rugby Club has a dentist that has offered all players custom fitted mouthguards for FREE.  He is a great dentist and this is a great offer, and I encourage all to take advantage.

David Y. Isenberg, D.D.S.
150 Park Ave. North
Renton, WA 98057

It is also imperative for all players to have registration paperwork completed and submitted, and dues paid.  We are forming lineups, and need to have all players completely valid to play.  


1st thru 6th-

Practices will be this Tuesday and Thursday, from 5:30pm - 7pm at Liberty High School.  This is for all 1st thru 6th grade players so please make plans to attend.

Turn in all paperwork and dues at this time if you haven't done so already.

7th/8th, JV and Varsity-(LOCATION CHANGE)

Practices are Tuesday and Thursday this week, from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm, at RON REGIS PARK. Address is below. As always these practices are mandatory so plan to attend.  Please be on time and ready to start at 5pm.

 Time to move this show to the grass, get all levels the room they need to have fully effective team runs, and get a little muddy.  Expect training intensity to increase.  Bring your A game!!!!  

Thanks to all, and we will see you on the pitch!


Reaching Out!

As you all are aware, the club recently purchased a team bus.  She was a tremendous success during our maiden outing, with a trip to the Tacoma Dome along with the Trident H.S. team to watch Liberty play in the State Football Championships.  While the game ended in a loss, we all felt like winners riding around as a club, and hosting our NZ friends.  The bus is certainly going to be a great asset for our club for many seasons to come.

That being said, we are reaching out to find some assistance with a few minor repairs and a little customizing to really make the bus represent Liberty Rugby.  We are reaching out with the hopes that someone within our network of LRC has the skills or knows someone that does in the following fields.

       Welding – some very minor repairs
         Auto Painting – apply a proper coat of Liberty Green and Blue!

If anyone has a lead, or would like to discuss the project further, please contact Kirk at 206-795-0145, or kirk@kirkdelaurentiphotography.com.  



We've had a great time so far with the kids now that we've kicked off the spring season!
Our numbers look very good for grades 1-4 and we're still expecting more 5th and 6th graders to come out also! Coach Frenchy and I expect that we will have a much larger number of kids participating this year. (Which is what we want!)
However with bigger numbers, we have an increased need for more help. We'd love to have a few parents who are willing to help keep us and the kids organized during training sessions on Tuesday/Thursday and even during our games on weekends. No rugby experience needed. If you volunteer, we're not asking you to commit to being there every session (although we'll certainly accept your offer if you can do that) but if we get a few people who can be there  some of the time, than many hands can make for light work. You can contact me to discuss, or talk to Frenchy and I before or after training. 
Coach Sean Twohey

Bobcat's Words Of Wisdom

Our values decide our character. Our character decides our value! GO LIBERTY!!” 


Thanks for reading!  See you at Practice!