March 2017


Letter from Liberty's Board Members

Welcome to Liberty Rugby! 

We hope this newsletter finds you well!  Our season has started off on the right foot, we are growing in numbers and in parent participation and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  To the parents who are sticking it out at practice to give our minis a hand to those of you who bring food to every home game, it means a lot to us, the board members and coaches really appreciate you!

Our Facebook Group and email communications are circulating.  If you are not on the facebook page or group, we encourage you to do so.  Up to the minute statuses and changes will go out there first.

Parents and guardians, please read your emails from the club.  This is our main source of communication.

We have a website!  Go to Libertyrugby.org.  Let us know if you'd like to add or change something.  We love feedback as we want to make this experience easy for everyone involved.

We look forward to hearing from you.


        Poker Tournament Success!


The Liberty Rugby Annual Poker Tournament was March 11th at the Renton Eagles Club.  This is always such a great event for our club, and certainly something we look forward to.  This year’s event was one of our best yet!

First place went to Nick W

Second Place went to Dawn R

Third Place went to Dave E

Fourth Place went Victor S

We had approximately 81 poker players this year and we hope to double that next year! Thanks to all that came and played with us!


A Word From the Coaches...

Our season is well under way, and off to a great start.  While the weather hasn’t always cooperated, our numbers out for training sessions has increased, new players are learning and clearly falling in love with the game, and our squads at all levels are really coming together to be the forces Liberty Rugby is known for.

We do need to have all players showing up to practice on time, and fully prepared to train.  

Appropriate attire includes rugby shorts and mouthguards.  We cannot hold fully effective training sessions without these crucial elements, and far too many players are showing up without.

A quick reminder, Liberty Rugby Club has a dentist that has offered all players custom fitted mouthguards for FREE.  He is a great dentist and this is a great offer, and I encourage all to take advantage.

David Y. Isenberg, D.D.S.
150 Park Ave. North
Renton, WA 98057

Games this weekend:


7th/8th, JV, Varsity and Lady Patriots

   We will be hosting the Rainier Highlanders this Saturday, March25th, at our home field of Pat Ryan Field . We will need players and parents to help with Field Set Up, After Game Feeds and Feed Pick Up.  Please email Mama Sarge at wetravelight@yahoo.com if you would like to volunteer. IF YOU ARE VOLUNTEERING TO HELP WITH THE FIELD SET UP FOR THE DAY......PLEASE ARRIVE BY 7:45AM

      This again will be a busy day as we have games all day including the Lady Patriots and the Valley Kangaroo’s Men Team wrapping up the day with 2 games. This will be Valleys Last Home game of their season so let’s stick around and support them  

Game Times and Arrival Times:

Field Set Up  Arrive at 7:45

·         7th/8th - 9am Kickoff        Arrive at 8am  

·         Lady Patriots -10:15am         Arrive at 9:15am

·         Varsity - 11:15am Kickoff      Arrive at 10am

·         JV - 12:45pm Kickoff            Arrive at 11:15am


Pat Ryan Field

 1809 S 140th St,

Seattle, WA 98168



1st thru 6th Grade Games


The 1st thru 6th Grade games will be played on Saturday March 25th, at Liberty High School in Renton. Address is below.  We have the field from 9am until 1pm and plan on starting the day off with the 5th/6th grade games.  We will be able to access the field at 9am for team warm ups.

Issaquah School District will only allow Players and Coaches on the track and field.  Only water is allowed on the field so no sports drinks, food or snacks.  Also no pets are allowed on the campus. 

We are in need of parents to volunteer snacks, oranges, bananas, cookies, granola bars and water for After Games Snacks.  Enough for 70 Players.  Please contact Amy McGann at amcgann@aol.com   


Game Times and Arrival Times:


·         5th/6th Kickoff is at 10am    Arrive at the field by 9am

·         1st thru 4th  Kickoff 11:30   Arrive at the field by 11am


Liberty High School

16655 SE 136th St, 

Renton, WA 98059

Thanks to all, and we will see you on the pitch!


Reaching Out!

As you all are aware, the club recently purchased a team bus.  She was a tremendous success during our maiden outing, with a trip to the Tacoma Dome along with the Trident H.S. team to watch Liberty play in the State Football Championships.  While the game ended in a loss, we all felt like winners riding around as a club, and hosting our NZ friends.  The bus is certainly going to be a great asset for our club for many seasons to come.

That being said, we are reaching out to find some assistance with a few minor repairs and a little customizing to really make the bus represent Liberty Rugby.  We are reaching out with the hopes that someone within our network of LRC has the skills or knows someone that does in the following fields.

       Welding – some very minor repairs
         Auto Painting – apply a proper coat of Liberty Green and Blue!

If anyone has a lead, or would like to discuss the project further, please contact Kirk at 206-795-0145, or kirk@kirkdelaurentiphotography.com.  



Parents and Guardians:
We've had a great time so far with the kids now that we've kicked off the spring season!
Our numbers look very good for grades 1-4 and we're still expecting more 5th and 6th graders to come out also! Coach Frenchy and I expect that we will have a much larger number of kids participating this year. (Which is what we want!)
However with bigger numbers, we have an increased need for more help. We'd love to have a few parents who are willing to help keep us and the kids organized during training sessions on Tuesday/Thursday and even during our games on weekends. No rugby experience needed. If you volunteer, we're not asking you to commit to being there every session (although we'll certainly accept your offer if you can do that) but if we get a few people who can be there  some of the time, than many hands can make for light work. You can contact me to discuss, or talk to Frenchy and I before or after training. 
Coach Sean Twohey

The Auction Is Coming Up!

Contact for Donations: Kirk Delauranti - kirk@kirkdelaurentiphotography.com

Contact for Volunteering: Michelle Connor – michelle.connor@trichemicals.com 

Contact for Dessert Donations: Colleen Jensen - colleenadelle@hotmail.com

Also, we need donations and the committee needs help – next meeting Wednesday April 5th – Amente’s in Renton @ 7:00PM.  Looking for dessert donations for our dessert dash – please email Colleen for questions.


Thanks for reading!  See you at Practice!