January 2016


Letter from Co-President Coach “Tree”

As we kick-off our 2017 rugby season, I think the best way for me to describe the feeling is “Wooohoooo!!!!!”  So much effort has to happen between registrations, fund raising, organizing practice fields, re-supplying playing and first aid equipment, designing practice plans, on and on and on…  So many great people, volunteering so much time to make this season happen.  

All this work, and show up to official practice #1 in subfreezing temperatures with a blanket of snow on top of Liberty Field.  Every player and coach frozen to the core, showing up under the lights after long days of work and school.  Practice pads literally frozen… and smiles on every face!  Varsity, JV, 7th/8th, and Lady Liberty (in great numbers by the way) all out on the field starting down the long road that is our season, together.

This is what it’s all about.  I will admit I have days that maybe work is particularly stressful or exhausting, or something is going on at home that’s weighing over my head, but when we lace up the boots, and step on the pitch it all snaps into focus.  We do this because we love this.  We do this to see our younger players progress and develop, and our JV and Varsity players move on to opportunities that open up as a result of all this hard work.  We do this to watch our players create lifelong relationships with the sport and the rugby community.

I want to identify, and thank our Board Members and Coaches for all they do behind the scenes to make this all happen.

Coach Jeff “Bobcat” Candler – Director of Rugby
Michelle Connor – Co-President
Coach Sean Twohey – Vice President
Coach Shane Tangen – Secretary
Coach Todd Preimsburg – Acting Secretary
Denise Oakes – Treasurer
Jamie Osier – Director of Operations
Scott Wright – Manager, Registrations
Brian Hoare – Tour Director
Coach Laurent “Frenchy” Cauchi – Director of Youth Rugby
Coach Allen Dodd – Lady Liberty Director of Operations
Amy McGann – Marketing/Graphics and Website updates/content
Jim Johnson – Merchandising and Website Management                                   Allen Dodd - Manager Lady Liberty
Shannon Nielson - Head Coach Lady Liberty
Laurent Cauchi - Head Coach Grades 1&2
Sean Twohey - Head Coach Grades 3&4
Bob Graham - Head Coach Grades 5&6
Rob Helrigel - Middle School Coach
Tei Stalodi - Backs Coach
Shane Tangen - Head Coach JV
John Shoe - JV Assistant Coach
John McGill - JV Backs Coach
Tony Maphosa - 7’s Coach
Keith VanDoren - Head Coach Varsity
Joe Schmidt - Varsity Assistant Coach
Sean Garland - Stregnth/Conditioning Coach
Scott Wright - Club Manager/Registrar

And finally, thanks to our parents that sacrifice your time and effort for all of our kids.

Liberty Rugby 2017 Season, here we go!!!  See you on the pitch.
Kirk “Tree” Delaurenti


Committee Members Needed!!!!!!

Liberty Rugby Club is very fortunate to have a dedicated Board of Directors, all of which are volunteers, that commit hours upon hours of their time to keep LRC playing the sport we love.  That being said, it takes our entire family to truly grow into the future.  There are several functions throughout the season that we need parent volunteers to step up, and get involved.  Rest assured, nothing makes the experience watching our kids play and grow in rugby, then being involved!   

Below are the committee opportunities currently being filled for our 2017 season.  Some dates are TBT.  

Poker Tournament – March 11th

Concessions and Feeds – All home games

Auction / Spaghetti Dinner – April 30th

End of Year Banquet- June 3rd

 You can devote as little or as much time as possible.  None of these positions are to run the committees, and any time or resources that can be volunteered are truly appreciated.

To volunteer, contact Michelle Connor at 206-898-7865 or michelle.connor@trichemicals.com.

Many hands make for light work!  

The first Liberty Rugby Family member to get back to Amy McGann, amcgann@aol.com with the correct answer to the following question will win a free Liberty Rugby Beanie!

Who is the Head Coach for grades 1 & 2?


Looking to Buy or Sell Real Estate,

Read This First...

We are very pleased to announce a donation of $1,000 was presented to Liberty Rugby Club by Kathryn Dunham, owner and founder of We Donate Together.  We Donate Together is a referral network of like-minded real estate professionals that are all giving back to their communities through donations generated from real estate transactions.  Upon closing on the sale or purchase of any real estate, 20% of the gross commission is donated to the charity or non-profit organization of the clients choosing.   So far, WDT has worked with charities such as REST, Good Wishes, and Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission to name just a few.

In this case, our Co President Kirk Delaurenti, and his business partner Colby Anderson bought, remodeled, and sold a home in the Newport Hills neighborhood.  Kathryn worked as the listing agent for the sale, and upon closing, cut a check for $1,000 as a donation to the club.

If you, or someone you know if looking to buy or sell real estate, reach out to We Donate Together.  You will be referred to a real estate professional that specializes in the area you are buying or selling, and will help LRC in the process.  Go to www.WeDonateTogether.com to learn more, or call Kathryn directly at 206-617-7619


Liberty Rugby Has a Dentist!

We are very pleased to announce that David Y. Isenberg, D.D.S. has reached out to the club and made a very generous offer!

Any and all individuals associated with Liberty Rugby Club are eligible to receive the following benefits from David Y. Isenberg, D.D.S. and his clinic staff:

 24/7 access to emergency dental services (See below for afterhours contact numbers)
Custom made sports mouth guards at no cost.  Note: “The only color we provide is Husky Purple.”
A $200 credit toward any dental services provided by David Y. Isenberg, D.D.S. or any of his clinic staff.  This credit can be used towards a comprehensive examination and all necessary diagnostic radiographs, actual treatment, cosmetic services, and/or to any and all services we provide.

David Y. Isenberg, D.D.S.
150 Park Ave. North
Renton, WA 98057
After Hours Emergency Numbers:
Home:  206-275-0575
Cell:  206-909-1099

Patient reviews of Dr. Isenberg and his clinic staff can be found at:


Bobcat's Words Of Wisdom

“You will get some contact at every practice…  bring your mouth guards!!!!” 


Thanks for reading!  See you at practice!