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Modifications That Make Common Gym Exercises More Rugby-Specific

General strength training is important for rugby, but general training will only take you so far. The very specific demands of rugby mean that, sometimes, you’ll need to step outside the confines of traditional strength training to fully prepare your body for rugby. Here are EIGHT strength training methods you can use in the gym...
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Exercises to Improve Your Rugby Tackling

Tackling and being tackled are integral parts of rugby. Tackles can range from almost gentle ankle taps to bone-crunchers that hurt so bad they send shockwaves throughout your entire family tree. Delivering a good tackle is generally more enjoyable than being tackled, but both ends of the impact can take their toll on your body....
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Best Treadmill Exercises for Rugby Training

Exercise specificity – the key to program design success In rugby training, the law of specificity underpins all successful program design. Specificity simply means that your fitness will improve based on the type of training you do. Because of this law, ruggers should do most of their sprinting and running outdoors, preferably on a rugby...
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A Speed Program for Lightning-Fast Rugby Wingers

All rugby players need at least a decent level of speed, even props. But as the outside men in the back line, wingers need it in spades, and are usually the fastest men on the pitch. While speed is a natural attribute, it can also be trained. By increasing power, strength, leg speed, and improving...
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The Simple Workout Plan To Help Rugby Players Get Stronger

If you’re looking to get stronger for game day, this simple workout plan could be exactly what you need as a rugby player… The first time you do StrongLifts 5×5 you start with workout A. Two days later you do workout B. So first week is A/B/A, second week B/A/B, third week A/B/A, and so...
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