Expectations of a Student Athlete

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Participation in the Liberty Rugby Club program is completely voluntary.  No player will be cut from our club due to lack of athletic ability. Involvement does, however, require a commitment on each and every player’s part with respect to academic standing, citizenship, obligations as far as financial and attendance to yourself, your teammates and your club.  Therefore, to promote good sportsmanship, respect for rules and authority, establish leadership, club and team pride, team and individual discipline, as well as eliminate disruptive influences on and off the playing field, the following rules have been established.  Failure to observe these Club rules will result in disciplinary action in accordance with due process.

  1. TRAINING RULES – Athletes are expected to observe the following rules during the season.
    1. Abstain from the use, possession or selling of alcoholic beverages, tobacco or vaping products, drugs and narcotics.
    2. Any other squad expectations as outlined by the Coach/Advisor
  2. COMMUNITY – Students are expected to demonstrate exemplary conduct on and off the field, adhere to school and community laws and expectations, and show respect for others
    1. Rugby is a game of respect gentlemen.  Good conduct on and off the field, especially when a player is wearing any Liberty attire.  Respect to the Referee, other teams and Coaches is also required. 
    1. We celebrate the differences that make our members unique and special and do not tolerate discrimination, harassment, intimidation, bullying, or exclusion in any intentional electronic, written, verbal, or physical act.
    2. Cyberbullying: any use of profane, discriminatory, intimidating, or demeaning language, gestures, media, etc. towards Club or team members over text, email, social media, or other electronic forms is considered harassment and bullying and is not to be tolerated.
    1. Demonstrate courtesy, fairness, and respect for all athletes and coaches
    2. Refrain from the use of profanity, obscene language, or acts of vulgarity.
    3. Players are expected to attend club events and after match socials.  This is part of the rugby culture here and all other the world.
    4. Train and eat like an athlete.  Regular rest patterns and good dietary habits will be established.
    5. All players and parents of Liberty Rugby will abide by the RugbyWa Disciplinary Codes and Policies
    1. Depending on level, Liberty Rugby will issue jerseys at each match.  THESE MUST AND WILL BE TURNED IN AT THE END OF THE POST GAME FEED.  Each player will be responsible to turn in their assigned game jersey. There could be a fee associated with not turning in your game jersey. This is added to ensure we receive jersey’s each jersey should be accounted for after each game. Liberty will issue shorts, socks, mouthpiece and other club attire after player has turned in his registration and paid the required dues. 
    1. The Student Athlete must be enrolled as a full time student.